You might be wondering why anyone would want to take a screenshot on the Meitu V4 device? The main reason is if you want to store a picture fo what is currently on your devices display. That might be a picture for somebody you know, or a picture of a website with some important information. Think of it as a way of bookmarking your devices display for later.

For any devices running Android 4.0 or later like the Meitu V4, that is easily done by using the hardware buttons. These buttons are the buttons that come on your device like the Volume buttons. While the keys are the most common way to take a screenshot, they aren’t the only way. many people prefer installing apps from the Google Play Store to take snapshots of the device. Some people dislike the current layout of the buttons that need pressing to take the screenshot with the hardware keys, while others like the extra features.

Meitu V4

If you use one of the better apps from the Google Play Store, you can record the screen and also edit the pictures with editing tools. The editing tools available can enhance your pictures so they look better than when you took them, similar to “photoshopping” a picture.

Taking a screenshot on the Meitu V4

  1. Have the display with the picture you want to capture on the V4 handset.
  2. Hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons until you see the screen change.
  3. You should hear the shuttersound of the fake camera and the screen flicker as if a shutter was opening and closing.
  4. Once done, you know the picture has been taken. Those not getting it to work should try again. Most failed attempts can be put down to the buttons not being pressed at the same time.
  5. You will now find your new screenshot available from the Gallery app where you photos normally end up. Look for the new screenshots folder.

If you want to try out a screenshot app for size, the Take Screenshot app is a popular choice.