Taking a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi 5 can be done a variety of ways. We’ll run through the most common ways to take screenshots on Android devices during the guide and you can choose the option that best suits you and your device.

The most common method for taking snapshots on Android by using the hardware keys. Most people aren’t aware that the device has built-in functionality for taking this screenshot on the device since it wasn’t always the case. The first time Android developers included the feature was back in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Since most people’s devices — including the Xiaomi Mi 5 — came out of the box with an Android software version above that number, it means that you already have that feature built in to your devices. Other common methods for taking snapshots include installing apps from the Google Play Store, using Android SDK, using aShort or the free Android Screen capture open source app and other manufacture shortcuts.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Taking screenshots on the Xiaomi Mi 5

Using the hardware buttons:

  1. Turn on your Xiaomi Mi 5 device and navigate to the picture you want on your screen.
  2. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons together and wait until you hear the shutter sound.
  3. Once you hear the shutter sound, your device has taken the screenshot.
  4. Navigate to the photo Gallery app and open the Screenshots folder.

Using applications from Google Play:

There are at least ten apps for taking screenshots on the Google Play Store that are worth mentioning as the best apps for taking screenshots on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. Not all of them are easy to find either so you can read our suggestions from the following list. The apps we recommend include the Quick Memo app, Screenshots Ultimate, Screenshots, Screenshot Grabber, Perfect Screen Shot (Classic), Screen capture, Easy Screenshot (capture/memo), Screenshots Simple and Take Screenshot.

All of the applications mentioned are available from the Google Play Store and vary in what they do. You do not need root access for any of those apps. Some of them can even work as a screen recorder so you can take a screenshot of a movie and not just a picture. Those of you with root access on the Xiaomi device will want to install the AirDroid app. Once of the AirDroid features is taking snapshots.