The following guides teaches you how to take a screenshot on the HTC One X9 smartphone. Once you know how to takes screenshots on the One X9 device, you can quickly take pictures of webpages, Skype calls, your settings, technical errors and more. Screenshots are one of the most common button combinations to press on a smartphone and are more regularly used than entering recovery mode, entering fastboot mode and entering the download mode.

Screenshots on HTC smartphones are better than most other devices. Sony users complain a great deal about the location of the buttons which makes it hard. if you don’t like the buttons on your HTC One X9, you can install applications to help take the screenshots. try out some of the best screenshot apps for Android before choosing the one that suits you best.

HTC One X9

Taking screenshots on the HTC One X9

  1. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time when you have the image on your display that you want to capture in a screenshot.
  2. Keep pressing the two buttons firmly until you hear a shutter sound of the fake camera. You should also notice the screen flicking off and on again.
  3. Your HTC device just took a screenshot that is now available from the Photo Gallery app.

You can install the Screenshot application from the Google Play Store if you don’t enjoy pressing the hardware buttons. There are also many other apps available out there.