Rooting the Sony Xperia E takes two firmware versions to be flashed on the phone, and then the Framaroot to actually root the phone.

If you are unfamiliar with the rooting procedure for the Sony Xperia E and would like to have step-by-step instructions, the guide below is all you have looked for all this time.

Sony Xperia E

Following is the guide that teaches how you can root your Sony Xperia E and get the root-requiring apps running on it. And what’s more, it will not take hours for you to do that, should be done in minutes if you just follow our steps to the letter.

Here you go:

Files You Need

  1. You must have a computer that runs Windows to do this tutorial as the tool that you are going to use is Windows only.
  2. This should work for the locked bootloader phone.
  3. This has been confirmed to be working on the 11.3.A.2.33 firmware.
  4. Download Flashtool to your computer. It will help you flash a firmware on your phone.
  5. Download FTF-1 to your computer. It is the firmware file that will be flashed on your phone.
  6. Download FTF-2 to your computer. It is also a firmware file that will be flashed on your phone.
  7. Download Framaroot APK to your computer. It is what will actually root your phone.

Rooting the Sony Xperia E

  1. Double-click on the Flashtool setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool on your Windows-based computer.
  2. When the tool is installed, copy both FTF-1 and FTF-2 over to the  \Flashtool\Firmwares\ folder which is located in the folder where Flashtool was installed.
  3. Now, launch the Flashtool by double-clicking on its executable file.
  4. Click on the lightning icon in the Flashtool and select the Flashmode option when asked.
  5. Select C1505 11.3.A.0.47 as the firmware to be flashed on your phone.
  6. Make sure that both DATA and CACHE options are unchecked in the tool.
  7. Ensure that everything is checkmarked in the exclude section except for KERNEL.
  8. Click on Flash in the Flashtool to begin the flash process.
  9. Turn off your Sony Xperia E phone.
  10. Plug in your phone to your computer while holding down the Volume DOWN key.
  11. Wait for the Flashtool to flash a firmware on your phone. It should take some time to do that.
  12. When the Flashtool’s done flashing the firmware, reboot your phone.
  13. When your phone reboots, click on the arrow icon in the Flashtool, select Framaroot APK, and the app will be installed on your phone.
  14. Open the app drawer on your phone and tap on Framaroot and it should launch.
  15. Tap on Gandalf in the app and wait for it to root your phone.
  16. Once your phone has been rooted, turn off your phone.
  17. Open the Flashtool once again.
  18. Click on the lightning icon followed by Flashmode.
  19. Select C1505 11.3.A.2.23 as the firmware to be flashed on your phone.
  20. Uncheck the DATA and CACHE options in the tool.
  21. Make sure only KERNEL is unchecked in the EXCLUDE section in the tool.
  22. Click on Flash in the tool.
  23. Hold down Volume DOWN on your phone and plug in your phone to your computer.
  24. The tool should begin flashing the selected firmware on your phone.
  25. When the firmware has been flashed, reboot your phone.
  26. You should now be fully rooted!

And you are all done!

Your Sony Xperia E has been successfully rooted and is ready to be installed with your favourite root-requiring apps.

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