As you know, Android is the operating system running on your Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone. The Android OS is based from the Linux kernel which was then bought by Google and turned into Android. However, that original Linux kernel still remains.

You might also know that Linux was open source and made by the people — you can install Linux on your computers for free. Having root access on the Samsung Galaxy J5 is like having Sudo permissions on a Linux operating system. If you are a Windows only user, you will understand what I mean when I say administrator permissions.

Samsung Galaxy J5

The Files You Need

  1. You must unlock the Galaxy J5 J500FN bootloader before you can use this guide. Without unlocking the bootloader first, the CF-Root tool by Chainfire for this device will brick the device.
  2. Download the CF-Root file for the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone from this page.
  3. Download the Samsung USB Drivers from Sammy’s official website and Samsung Developers page on this page.
  4. Download the Odin flashing tool from this page. It can be any of the latest versions. If one version doesn’t work, try using another version.
  5. You can only use this guide with a Windows PC and not Ubuntu or any other version of Linux. Moreover, it doesn’t work with any version of Mac OS X operating systems.
  6. You are voiding the warranty by following this guide. So long as your J5 device doesn’t come with Samsung’s Knox security, you can get the warranty working by unrooting the device. You need to flash the stock ROM on your device to unroot the Samsung Galaxy J5. We’ll show a complete guide of that later.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500FN on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

  1. Download the Odin tool and the CF-Root package to the computer and then drag the two files over to the desktop,.
  2. Right-click the mouse over the two files and choose the “extract here” option.
  3. Turn off your Galaxy S5 device and reboot it in the down load mode.
  4. Reboot by holding the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons simultaneously and your device will boot in the download mode.
  5. Press the Volume Up button when it tells you and then connect the J5 to the computer using the USB cable.
  6. Click the AP or the PDA button, depending on your version of the Odin flashing tool.
  7. Up load the CF-Root file from the desktop — it must be the extracted version.
  8. Leave the default settings in the Odin flashing tool as they are when you first download a new version.
  9. Click the Start button and the Odin flashing tool will now flash that rooting exploit on your J5 smartphone.
  10. Wait up to 15 minutes for your device to be ready; you know it’s ready when the Odin message box gives you the pass message and your J5 device automatically reboots by itself.
  11. Once it reboots, you can install the root checker app or decide on any other app which required root access.

That’s all.