Once you root Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphones, you can install applications like the Tasker app to give your device total automation with your SMS text message and settings. You can even create your own apps!

You’ll also find other apps available like the Titanium Backup app, the ROM Toolbox, Total Commander and the System Tuner. As you can see, there are apps to help make your life easier, apps to increase the device performance and apps to help with better battery life.

Samsung Galaxy J5

The Files You Need

  1. Download the CF-Root file from this page.
  2. Download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones from the official Samsung Developers webpage from this page.
  3. Download the Odin flashing tool — it can be any version, but use one of the later versions.
  4. You must have the Samsung Galaxy J5 bootloader unlocked or rooting the device will also brick the device.
  5. You can only use this guide with a Windows PC. Furthermore, the Odin flashing tool will not download and install if you are using any Windows RT version since it only lets you install apps from the Windows App Store. All other versions of Windows ranging from Windows XP and up will work.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy J5 SM- J500F on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

  1. Download the rooting package and the Odin tool to the computer and drag them over to the desktop.
  2. Right-click over both files and click the “extract here” option.
  3. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone.
  4. Reboot it holding the Volume Down, Power and the Home buttons together at the same time to boot into the download mode.
  5. Press the Volume Up button when it tells you to do that on the smartphone’s screen.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy J5 to the computer using the USB cable.
  7. Click the PDA button in the Odin flashing tool. If you are using a newer version of Odin, you will see the AP button instead.
  8. Leave the default settings you find in the Odin user-interface after downloading a new version of Odin.
  9. Click the Start button and the Odin flashing tool will now flash that file on your device.
  10. Wait up to 15 minutes for the Odin user-interface to give you the pass message in the message box and your device to reboot.
  11. Once it does reboot, you are ready to start installing your rooted apps. many prefer starting by installing the root checker app from the Google Play Store.
  12. If you want to test out the Tasker app, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

That’s all.