The HTC Desire 816 is a smartphone that was originally announced back in February of this year. If you like phones that come with a big display, high-resolution camera, high-resolution display, quad-core processor, fast 4G mobile data support, lots of RAM and NFC this is the smartphone for you. If you already bought it, then you’ll know it didn’t break that bank and that’s made it the ideal candidate for root access.

If looking to unchain the device and open it up to its full potential make sure you follow the steps closely and correctly so you don’t brick the handset. By flashing over the stock firmware on top of any custom firmware or ROM it should fix the problem.

HTC Desire 816

Details of Note

  • Furthermore, dealing with the root and changing the flash counter away from zero means that the withstanding warranty becomes void.
  • The guide we present here today is only made for the HTC Desire 816 variant phone and no other. If you happen to attempt to install the file on a different model numbered device it can cause damage. Make sure you check your model number by going to the Settings followed by About Device.
  • Make sure you have at least 30% battery power before you start because we are only connected to the computer for part of the guide. That means USB charging will not be working for most of it; therefore, we rely on the natural battery power to see us through to the end. 30% is a generous amount. As some devices age they are unpredictable with when they decide to shut down. That is why we chose such a high number. Ultimately you know the phone better than we do.
  • Take an NANDroid backup of the OS if you already have a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod recovery installed. It is by far the most popular way to back up the system, but it only available to those with customization’s already. Backup to the internal memory or external memory if running on stock software.
  • The Desire 816 comes with MicroSD, microSDHC and microSDXC storage expansion ideas and 8 GB of built-in storage space. Keep in mind that some of the 8 is already used by the native apps and software before you open it out of the box.
  • Make copies of the market apps, call logs, SMS and MMS text messages, photo galleries, videos and music files. Try using an app from the Google Play Store such as Helium or Titanium if you are having troubles storing the apps.
  • You will need the SD Card that is available with this handset to complete this guide. The reason is because we must transfer the file to the SD card and install it from inside recovery mode.
  • You must have CWM recovery preinstalled from here before starting the steps.
  • Furthermore, enable USB Debugging Mode by visiting the Developer Options. Likewise, have the HTC USB Drivers up to date.
  • Followers can use a notebook, laptop or computer to store the file on before the transfer over to the phone. Make sure that what you choose has a slot for the USB wire to connect, Without it, we cannot work because a connection must be made for the computer and mobile to communicate.
  • Temporary disable and malware protection, spyware protection or virus protection that is running on the computer or mobile product. Remember to run them once again after the steps are all finished. That way users can browse the internet safely once more.

Rooting the HTC Desire 816

1. Download the SuperSU file here.
– store it on the desktop and then delete it after we finish.

2. Find the USB cable.
– plug one end into the mobile slot and the other into the computer system unit.

3. Move the SuperSU from the desktop to the phones SD card storage.

4. Safely remove the hardware and stop the USB Mass Storage device.

5. Unplug the smartphone.

6. Boot it up in recovery mode.
– download the Quick Boot tool from Google Play.
– otherwise use your preferred method of entering recovery.

7. Choose to ‘install zip from SD card’ once inside.

8. Choose to ‘choose zip from SD card.’

9. Upload the SuperSU file.

10. Go back and select the ‘reboot system now’ option.

Feel free to test out our favorite root checker application that’s available from the Google Play Store and see if it’s working. Once done, you can start thinking about flashing a custom ROM to your HTC 816 handset.