If you wanted a tablet with a high-resolution camera, quad-core processing power, lots of RAM and course the stand out feature of fast mobile data support (4G) than the Galaxy tab Pro 12.2 is a great buy. However, what if you wanted more? Well, there’s only one way to do that and it is to root. Today I will show you how you can get root, but still keep the tablet to as close as the stock as possible by using the CF Auto Root tool made by my favorite Android developer, ChainFire.

The reason I love ChainFire and his program is because it is made for dummies. Just about anybody can use it so you do not need experience before you give this a try. Secondly. It keeps the OS closer to stock Android 4.4 than any other tool that I know of out there. If that sounds like the experience you want to have lets get down to business. Firstly there are a few things I should mention so you know what you are getting into here. I know it is hard to sit still because you are so excited, but it is best you take a read over my guidance before starting the guide.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2


  • Once you have completed the steps listed below you will be able to install apps that require root access to be used on a tablet or any other device. It is opening you up to a hidden technology world that is otherwise nonexistent. I already mentioned the tool that we will be using today and it is very popular and safe to use. Hundreds of thousands of people have used it successfully to this day. However, that does not mean it comes with a written guarantee and as you well know, when it comes to technology sometimes the strangest things can happen. It is the reason I like to stress the need for backups. Use the device’s internal storage space to do this. My notes here tell me that there is 32 GB of space native to use. If you have run out of that space and refuse to delete anything to remove more there is another option. Luckily for you Sammy has decided to add 64 GB of external space that is accessed by using microSD, microSDHC storage expansion slots. First off, to use this you need to buy a memory card from the nearest store or by shopping online. Doing it online is risky, however, because there are many varieties of cards and you need to be particular. If unsure, it is best to ask the store clerk instead. It may be going the extra mile, but in the end it will save half a mile so to speak. Whatever you decided to do, the idea is to backup the EFS, contacts, SMS, MMS texts, market apps, recent save points and anything else you can think that needs saving.
  • Note that by going through with the installation process, you are taking away factory and default setting restrictions that were originally applied to the internal memory by the manufacturers. By completing this task, you will void the warranty of your device. The developer of this tool also warns of tripping Knox. It happens because it increases the flash counter and it is that same counter that the workers can view when we take it in for warranty after they take the case off. Up until recently there has been no answer for this. However, I read today about a program called Triangle Away. Using Triangle Away will reset the counter! If you want to run custom kernels or custom recoveries the flash counter will reset back to 1.
  • The CF Auto Root tool will install SuperSU binary as well as its APK to go along with a version of stock recovery.
  • This guide has only been made for the SM-T905 version of the most powerful tab in the Samsung lineup. Do not try to use the same file on any other guide on our site or anyone eases site. Both will result in potential bricking. Although developers are very advanced these days, and in most cases can take off bricking, it will not necessarily be available for this very device. We have not researched this and highly advise you do not take the risk.
  • Download the updated Samsung USB drivers from here.
  • Temporarily disable any antivirus as well as other security programs that are running. Disable any firewall on the Windows-based PC. I saw Microsoft Windows OS because it will not work for any version of Linux or Mac OS X. Odin, the tool we use today, is made by official Samsung developers, but for their own personal reasons they have not decided to release it on the others. It could be a business decision for all we know and likely is the case. Anyway, if you do not use Windows and love Android its a good idea to make friends with someone who does because it does not look like changing anytime soon.
  • Enable USB Debugging from the Develop Options menu. In Android 4.2 it was hidden and needed unlocking but since this device did not come out until Android 4.4 there is no threat of that issue this time.
  • Many blogs advise people to check that the battery charge is at a minimum of 50%. This device comes with USB charging. That means, by plugging it in the computer system unit when turned on, it will start charging if the USB cable connects the two devices. It uses the computer power. That is why I do not understand why you need the battery. Technically you should finish the guide with more power than when you started plugging it in.
  • For answers to any question, you should use the comments or Contact Us section above.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 SM-T905

1. Download the CF-auto-root tool here.

2. Download Odin 3.07 here.

3. Turn on the device and boot into download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power at the same time and keep holding until the screen changes. Press volume up when a warning presents itself.

4. Open the Odin program. We want to do this now before connecting the device so that it picks it up and we know it is working.

5. Plug the Tab into the PC with the USB.

6. Now look inside Odin for an “added” information and an ID: COM port changing color.

7. If this did not happen try downloading the USB drivers that you skipped!

8. Leave all settings inside Odin as they are by default. It means a box marked as “on” for Auto reboot and F reset Time options.

9. Click the PDA button and upload the .tar.md5 file.

10. Give it a few seconds to load properly and then hit Start.

11. Do not touch anything on the OS of the tablet, computer or anything inside the Odin application.

12. It will display the message “pass” when finished.

13. Close Odin by clicking the red “X” on the top right corner.

14. Click the taskbar and select the safely remove hardware icon. Stop the USB Mass storage device. Disconnect the cable from the system unit when it says it is safe to do so. It will prevent any data corruption.


Some people have been known to see a warning message saying “unfortunately SuperSU has stopped.”It requires an updated binary and stop Knox before rebooting. If your device is in a boot loop go into recovery mode and select wipe data factory reset and wipe cache partition.