You can now root the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance by following this guide below using the new one-click universal rooting app called KingRoot. With KingRoot, users can tap to open the app and without a few minutes have root access on any firmware we know about today. That means you cannot brick your device and there are no software updates that patch the current exploits we know about. However, the KingRoot tool root almost all Android devices and not all devices.

With that being said, we do know the Galaxy Core Advance with model number GT-I8580 is one of those devices from the list the tool works perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance

The files you need:

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance GT-I8580

  1. Turn on the Galaxy Core smartphone and navigate to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources. Now you can install apps from outside the Google Play Store without any worries.
  2. Download the KingRoot app just like you would with all apps.
  3. Once the download is complete, you will see the KingRoot app available from your app drawer. Click and open it.
  4. Now tap the ‘Start Root’, ‘try to Root’ or something similar on the display. It should be a large button.
  5. The KingRoot service will now search through it’s cloud-based system and find the correct rooting method for your device.
  6. Once it decides it can root your handset, it will automatically start doing that and show you a progress bar on the display.
  7. When complete, a green tick will show on the display. That means it’s successful and you are ready to hit the Google Play Store and download some of those root-requiring applications you’ve been waiting to use.

We recommend rebooting your Sammy smartphone to get things underway.

Follow our guide to learn how to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Core I8580 and return your device back to the way you had it before opening the internal system above.