We have already created some guides that many are finding success with for the LG Leon smartphone for rooting and installing a custom recovery. However, you cannot use the same guide for all Leon and LTE handsets — they are very much model number specific. If you own the LGMS345 variant and are still looking for root access, I have the guide for you below.

Before starting the guide, you might want to learn that you cannot install a custom recovery for this device just yet because they aren’t any available that I’m aware about. I’ve tried looking for TWRP recovery, CWM recovery and Philz touch recovery.

LG Leon 4G

Moreover, don’t start until you backup your device. You can download apps from the Google Play Store such as Helium for Android or use the backup options from the Leon that come stock. Remember, there’s no custom recovery for this model yet, so you cannot take NANDroid backups either.

The files you need

  • Download the KingRoot app for your device from our page here.
  • You do not need any USB Drivers from LG for this guide. However, the KingRoot team suggest if you cannot get the app to root your device, you should try the desktop version. When trying out the desktop version, you obviously must connect your LG Leon to the computer, in which case, you’ll need the drivers.

Rooting the LG Leon LTE with model number LGMS345 using the KingRoot App

  1. Install the KingRoot app the same way you would install any other app on your smartphone.
  2. You should eventually see the KingRoot icon available from the application drawer.
  3. Open the app and look for the large button that suggests you should press it to try getting the root access. usually the button says “try to Root”; however, the exact wording can vary depending on the app version.
  4. Your device will now show the progress bar for the rooting until it’s finished and you are greeted with a “success” message on the display.
  5. Now you can disconnect from the computer.

Update: a custom recovery is tested and works for this device. You can learn how to install a custom recovery on the LG Leon here.