Did you already gain rooting advantages and are now looking to unroot the LG Leon LTE smartphone? Provided you gained the rooting privileges from installing King user with the KingRoot one-click universal rooting tool, you can easily unroot the device using the same KingRoot tool. I’ll show you everything you need for your Leon device to get that done after the drop.

The KingRoot app is put together by third-party developers who are associated with XDA Developers. The tool comes from China and does need to use some of your data from their own servers. However, the say they do not store this data for anything other than to grant the root permissions; doing so would cost too much money and take up a great deal of resources. Still, you should know that Google and your OEM (LG) have nothing to do with making this app.

LG Leon

Moreover, since it’s nothing to do with Google, it’s probably best you backup the device before using this guide. Doing so will set a restore point you can use if you need to take a factory reset or a hard reset of any kind. Those type of resets always wipe the data and unless you created a backup, you cannot restore that data.

The files you need:

  • You should have already installed the Kingroot application on your device when you rooted the device. If you used a different method, you cannot use this guide.

Unrooting the LG Leon

  1. When you installed the KingRoot tool, you will have three new apps available all associated with the tool.
  2. Delete the KingMaster and KingRoot applications by long-pressing down and deleting them like you would any other app.
  3. Now tap and open the remaining KingUser app from the app drawer.
  4. Tap the Settings icon available from the top-right side of the main screen.
  5. tap the second option from the next screen called “root authorization settings”.
  6. tap the “remove root permission” option from the next screen.
  7. You’ll get a pop-up message on the display now. tap the “clear” option and the unrooting is underway.
  8. Wait until the device finishing taking away the exploit that once took over your device.

You don’t need to delete the remaining KingUser app. After the unrooting is complete, it automatically deletes itself. Now you have none of the KingRoot apps left on your device and you cannot use the root-requiring apps from Google Play.