Nokia X series devices are the first Android device from Nokia and became the last one from Nokia after that Microsoft overtook it. This phone is a budget phones from Nokia with the customized Nokia X platform 1.2 which is a hybrid of Android with Nokia Store instead of Google Play Store you won’t get Google play Store in this device until you root this device. Well rooting of this device is easy as pie, can install custom recovery and custom ROMs after, these are all easy tasks but if you tried and faced the failure (I know it’s not your fault the guide must be corny from which you rooted your phone), and your phone has been stuck at the Nokia logo? Then don’t worry I have a backup plan for that.

First, you should take precautions before doing these rooting kind of things with your device; you should backup your data first then make a full backup of previously installed ROM whether it is stock or a custom ROM. These tips will save you from this kind of situation in future problems.

Nokia X

Lots of lectures huh? Now come to the point. First, what you need to do is download the stock firmware and to do that you need to download “Navifirm”, OK Navifirm is Nokia ROM downloader, from this software you can download stock firmware for each and every Nokia device, even for the Lumia phones also.

  • Download Navifirm

After downloading Navifirm, you need to enter your phone’s details like product code and firmware number, the product code can be found on a sticker behind the battery. After downloading the firmware keep it on the desktop inside any folder say stock firmware.

Now download a firmware flashing tool, Nokia X flasher this tool is used to flash the stock firmware to Nokia X devices.

  • Download Nokia X Flasher

After downloading open the Nokia X Flasher (oh, have you installed USB drivers on your PC? NO? do it before this step) and turn your phone off and turn it on by pressing and holding volume up and power key together you will see that your phone will stuck to the Nokia logo that’s the boot loader mode. Now connect your phone to your PC, Nokia X Flasher will detect your phone. After that select all the firmware files to the Nokia X Flasher and click on Start.

Believe me and wait for some time and you will get your phone back with all the heart beat.

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