As you all know gaming is a part of life for some pro gamer like me, we always have a time for gaming as other people have for having lunch or dinner. Well, sometimes we have our lunch or dinner while gaming to save some time for other things. If you are also fond of games on your phone or PC and stuck to some stage or level then what comes to your mind at first? Youtube right? Yeah, don’t worry that is normal, well sometimes I also do the same thing. Don’t you think there should be some app only for the gamer? If yes then you are late Google thought it already and made an app exclusively for gamers that is called YouTube Gaming.

This app has all the things gaming app should have like you can upload your gaming videos and of course live stream, yes you can stream your game live to this app or website or watch someone else live gaming. This app is released yesterday by Google with the YouTube Gaming website. You can see all the gaming related videos here nothing else (I’ve tried searching for other videos, not working).


Using this website, you can live stream your game directly from your PC for that you need to verify your Google account in Gaming Google site then you have to download and install a live stream encoder software to live stream your game from your desktop to everybody in the world using the Gaming Google website.

Well, there is a service called Twitch which only gamer and some other people are aware of, so YouTube will take the advantage and leave the Twitch service far behind.

Not everything in this world is perfect (except me ;D) so how should this app be, this app has the same advertisement problem. I don’t like this at all when you have top see a 30 seconds commercial for 13-second funny video! Crazy huh! That’s what I always felt with YouTube. Then also YouTube is the best video service for all includes me.

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