I would like to install Magisk on the LG LM-Q730 smartphone but cannot find a guide. I have found other guides such as the one for the LG V35 and wonder if there is nothing simpler than at least similar. Resolution:

LG LMQ730QM5 Stylo 6 LTE-A US Q730QM5There is no reliable rooting method for the LG LM-Q730 smartphone right now. We have looked through all our reliable sources and there is no method to get root with Magisk on the LG LM-Q730. It is quite possible a developer could come up with a method similar found in this guide: Unlock LG V35 Bootloader and Root with Magisk; however, as you can see, it requires some unique files that need to be made for each device. The general idea behind the guide though could be useful. The LG firmware is referred to as a unique file type that I skipped in the tutorial to help make it as accessible to dummies as possible. But locating the firmware for the device is certainly another challenge.

We recommend waiting for a reliable rooting method to be made for this device. That means looking on XDA Developers and waiting for a developer to come up with something. Otherwise, you may spend many hours wasting your time. As soon as we find a reliable tutorial, we will update this article. And if there is a reliable tutorial available and this is not updated, please leave a comment suggesting as much and we will take a look at it.