Ever since people paid their attention to Facebook, they neither have left it nor will they. Facebook is getting tremendous exposure each passing day, and the users are increasing tremendously. Being the world’s first social network site with more than 600 million users, it is Facebook’s duty to keep providing new apps and features to the users. So, the interaction between the site users can increase and become well than before. Facebook allows its users to upload pictures on their profile, and other users can see them by clicking on the image thumbnail.

Facebook has now changed the way you see others’ pictures; it has added a new viewer that is far different than the one you had before. This shift is worldwide and not profile limited. I like the Old Facebook Picture Viewer which was faster and better than the current one. If you are one of them who just doesn’t like the new Facebook Photo Viewer and wants to change to the old one, then keep reading this guide.


To get the old Facebook Photo Viewer, there are a few options available that you can use. One of them is to use the F5 – Refresh key to see the picture in the old viewer. However, it is not a permanent solution and each time you open a picture to see, you need to press the F5 key, that’s not likely to be a good solution. Another solution is to use a script, which resides in your browser and works when you are on any picture page on Facebook. The script works only in browsers where you have installed Greasemonkey extension. If you use Firefox, then get Greasemonkey and if you are on Chrome, get a tamper monkey extension. When you are done with installing any of these extensions, just restart your browser and then download the Facebook Photo Theater Killer script. It can be found here. When you finish downloading it, you need to refresh your Facebook tab and then voila, whenever you click on any picture, it will open in the old viewer instead of the new one. It means everything has gone fine.


Above were some of the solutions to help you get back the old FB picture viewer, there’s also a Chrome extension available primarily created for the purpose to kill the theater mode and apply the old mode. You can get it from here. Keep in mind that this extension is available only for Chrome, so if you use it, go ahead, otherwise use the other options provided above.

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