When we covered the launch of Android 4.4 we also listed all of the devices it would and would not be compatible with. One of the devices it would not be coming to be the original Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone. It was to be expected because it’s 2 years old and anyone following Google closely would know that their operating system Android stops updated after around 18 months, thus leaving the Nexus out in the cold.

The good news is thanks to a developer, baldwinguy77, there is now a way you can get it via root access. Just be sure to look after your phone because it will void any withstanding warranty you might have left on it. It also hasn’t been extensively tested, so you might want to check around the forums for any comments about how smooth it is working. Although unofficial, it is meant to bring you much of what the authentic experience would be like.

To check it out visit the developers forum link here.

This is the very latest version of Jelly Bean that was just officially released by Android along with the Nexus 5 last week. It has been anticipated for most of this year.