Smartwatches are looking like being the next big thing in tech, and starting next month, we will see our first one come from Android according to sources. The good thing about this one is that it will be compatible with a lot of different Android devices.

Smartwatches are great so far, but they have some flaws: There is only ever a certain amount of mobiles that they come compatible with. Take the Galaxy Gear for example, that only currently works alongside the Note. It is expected to get three more devices to go with it with the next Android 4.3 update, but this is clearly going to be an annoyance rather than anything fantastic for a little while at least.

This one comes with a bit of twist though: It isn’t the Android operating System owned by Google that we all know and love in the tech industry. There’s actually a small watch company that has been around for years and runs under the same name. How exactly that’s legal I’m not too sure, but it is going to make them a great deal of favor you would think with all of the people thinking it is a genuine Android branded smartwatch. Furthermore, it will be compatible with the actual Android phones like the Galaxy s4 which is expected to be one of the first mobiles with the ability to connect with it.

It will be able to do all of the usual things with music and apps just like the Sony, Pebble and Gear watches that are already out.

Here’s a short promotional video of this one: