Ashton Kutcher has been hired by Lenovo for something other than his good looks. This time he is going to be Lenovo’s product engineer.

Ashton is actually an avid tech fan and has been in the scene for quite a while, often found investing in startups and companies he thinks might take-off in the future. He is known as one of the top 10 Hollywood celebrities to be into tech, rivaling the likes of Ice Cube.

It’s hard to believe part of this deal wasn’t because of his stature in the tech space, however. He recently played the part as Steve Jobs in the movie that had the title of the same name. Although it didn’t meet box office expectations, it is still without a doubt one of the most memorable movies for geeks out there. It’s wasn’t his only role either. He also commonly sits in front of his laptop on a TV sitcom playing the part of an entrepreneurial billionaire.

His face has quickly become one of the most influential tech people inside of Hollywood.

Here what Lenovo had to say about the new pairing up between the two:

“This partnership with Lenovo brings together my love of technology and design that makes your life better. I can’t wait to dig in and help Lenovo develop future mobile computing products, starting with the Yoga Tablet. Lenovo is all about innovation and strong leadership. Entrepreneurship is part of their DNA, and I couldn’t ask for a better fit.”-Ashton Kutcher

“Ashton Kutcher’s authentic, creative appetite for technology and keen consumer insight combined with our innovation engine makes this a very natural and powerful partnership. This partnership goes beyond traditional bounds by deeply integrating him into our organization as a product engineer as we look at developing the next wave of products. As we continue to push into the new PC Plus product areas and lead in multimedia computing, Ashton will help us break new ground by challenging assumptions, bringing new perspectives and contributing his technical expertise to Yoga Tablet and other devices.”-David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo