There’s no denying the rapid decline in camera sales since the birth of the Smartphone because the new era of mobile phones can not only make the calls and browse the web, but also do a mighty fine job at taking happy snaps. Still, there’s a certain group that insists their photography skills need something a little more camera-esque to satisfy them from having any withdrawal symptoms from what they have always known as a camera.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Smartphone that takes the flagship Samsung mobile and joins it up with a zoom feature just like the serious cameras would have. When it’s all put into action, it will end up looking more like a camera than anything else.

AT&T is one of America’s largest carriers and the Zoom has been out for many months now. Unless they come out an make a public announcement, there’s not much we can go on in terms of why they choose to keep it out of their range of devices until now, but we can confirm that AT&T have decided to pick up the S4 Zoom.

Not only marketed at those wanting a home that looks like a camera, the Zoom can also outdo the performance of any traditional camera.

If you are already with AT&T on a two year contract and it is coming to an end, this is a device that you can jump straight into without any troubles. Those wanting to trade-in their old phones for this one can do so and get a free $100 gift card. Once you have the Zoom on a 2 year contract AT&T will give you a free Galaxy Tab 3.