The Moto Maker is the option on the Moto X device that allows people to customize it to suit their wants and needs. This can’t always be accessed, however, unless your phone carrier decides to pick up the option.

Sprint has decided that it’s time to do so now by picking up the marker that was until now an exclusive option to the AT&T phones. Now that the chain has opened up to two carriers, it’s expected, we see others like Verizon jump at the opportunity when given the chance. Things can swing in their favor before the Christmas holidays come around — a popular time for phone buyers.

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Shoppers can expect to pay $99.99 for the 16GB Motorola Moto X. That price could be dropped in the next couple of months before December 25.

Those wanting in on the customize options will have the choice of choosing a different colored back-play (along with a wood option said to be coming soon), custom accessories, wallpapers, boot messages and loads more.

The news has broken from Ev leaks, where a copy of the poster was given out.