Making Calls online has become an everyday task for the Internet users. Most of the users make voice calls to their friends, families, clients, etc. This way, they get connected with them. However, the Phone call days aren’t over, yet. Still, the Phones are used everywhere for making calls. Most of the Internet users prefer to make calls over the VOIP, for cheap and sometimes free calling. Phone calls are charged too much while making international calls. So, here is a little trick which will help your friends who are making calls to you to save some bucks.


Spikko – Free UK Number

Spikko is a website which offers you a free UK incoming number. By having it, others can make calls to that UK number, and the call will be forwarded to your real phone number. If someone is calling you from the UK to your UK number, then he would be charged a very nominal fee, as because the call will be recognized as a local call. This service is useful if you have your friends, families in the UK. To get a free UK incoming number, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Spikko website and register there. You can also register with your Facebook account.
  • Now, Fill in all the fields given on the registration page. In the target phone number, choose the country and enter the real phone number you are currently having. All calls made to your UK number will be forwarded to this number, so be careful while entering the number.
  • Hit the Finish Registration button.

make-calls-choose-caller-id one-phone-multiple-numbers
That’s it. The process of registration is finished. Now, follow the instructions given on the website and you will come up with a free UK number at the end.

If you are having any problems, post them in the comments.

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