Nowadays the internet becomes more popular, and many students, colleges, and institutes have their internet or intranet networks. It is used for getting several helpful information like latest cricket scores, science research, free tutorials, weather broadcasts and more. But what if we want to get that information immediately without opening related sites for it. Yes, you can. There is service developed by Google called ” Gtalk Guru .“ It’s like virtual guru and helps you to find your required basic information.

At the first, I want to tell you that if you are familiar with Google’s Gtalk Chat software or inbuilt chatting options of Gmail it would be easy for you.


How to use Gtalk for getting help with the information that you need

Step 1: Give the chat invitation to using your Gtalk software or Inbuilt Gmail chat.

Step 2: After 1 or 2 minutes you can Find guru in your contact list, that’s it.

Step 3: Now use following queries to ask the question to Gtalk guru.



  • Sports scores: score IPL
  • Weather: weather Mumbai
  • Calculate: : 5 * 3
  • Currency: 5000 USD to INR
  • Definition: Define laptop
  • Translation: Translate this is tech blog to French
  • Web result: the web Mount Everest
  • Help: help translateguru

The Above help keyword is used to get help about all keyword which has been used in GTalk guru, but you can use only help the weather , help translate, help score, help the weather, help define, help the web, etc. keywords.

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