Fruit Ninja is a favorite video game developed by Halfbrick Studios for mobile platforms. Ever since its release, the game received positive reviews from users and critics alike. Touch Arcade Review said that the game is simple, fun and best of all challenging. Fruit Ninja now has a user database of over 300 million. Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download also has become a very common search on the internet as people love to play this game on their PCs as well.


Let us look at some of the most compromising features that Fruit Ninja offers.

Attractive UI: The game has an interesting user interface that is very much likely to draw users to the game. The Attractive UI has made this simple game a massive hit among youngsters.

Game Modes: The game hosts three different and exciting game modes. Zen, Arcade and Classic modes that will guarantee you fun like never before.

Weapons: As you progress in the game, you will have different weapons to unlock. These new weapons will add more fun when you slice through various sets of fruits.

Eye-catchy Backgrounds: You will have the option to unlock various screen backgrounds that will make your game look more fun and energetic. With these computer backgrounds, you can customize your gameplay and enjoy it even more.

Starfruit: With the help of Starfruit, you can add thrilling power-ups to your bag and use them for ultimate fruit slicing.


These features would sure make you want to get Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download and play the same on your computer. We will tell you how if you do not know how.

As it is already mentioned, Fruit Ninja is developed for mobile platforms, and it cannot be played on your PC like normal games. You require an emulator software caller BlueStacks to run the game on your computer. Follow our guide on How to Install BlueStacks on your PC to get BlueStacks on your PC.


How to get Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download

There are two methods to get Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download on your computer.

Method 1: Using BlueStacks Application

Make sure that your internet connection is turned on. Open BlueStacks from your computer. You can see a search box on the application. Type “Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download” on the box and click search.

BlueStacks will search the web for the same and install the same on your PC. You will get a confirmation message once the installation is completed. A Ninja Fruit icon will be created on the Application menu of BlueStacks. Click on the same to play and have fun with the game.

Method 2: Using the apk file

You need to download the Fruit Ninja apk file from Google Play Store. After downloading the apk file, open the same with BlueStacks. BlueStacks will carry out the process of installation of Ninja Fruit on your computer. A Ninja Fruit icon will be created in the application menu of BlueStacks. Click and open the game to play on your PC.
Once you get Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download completed, it is sure to provide you with never ending fun that you were able to get on you mobile.

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