While many people find navigating around a modern-day smartphone OS confusing, others prefer tinkering around with the OS. Regardless if you love smartphones or hate them, the more you begin to use them and start using all the functions, the more familiar you will be with Android and other operating systems. Doing so should mean you will not only know how to use smartphones like the HTC One better, but you should also start enjoying yourself.

Sometimes Android doesn’t make things as easy as they should and people get confused. Fastboot mode falls into that category. Many people know Fastboot as something you must download as part of the Android SDK package. While that is true and Fastboot does come within the Android SDK, there’s also a mode you must enter the Android ROM in called Fastboot mode. The mode also has another name called Bootloader Mode which I prefer to use.


Fastboot Mode or Bootloader Mode gives us another area behind the back door of the OS to perform certain tasks, much like you would do within the Recovery Mode. The only difference is you do different tasks from within Fastboot and not the same ones.

In short, you can download Fastboot which is a package from within Android SDK. You don’t need to install Android SDK just to get Fastboot, though. However, you can install it all, if that’s what you prefer. Once you have Fastboot you will need to boot the HTC One into the Fastboot mode. Once you are in the Fastboot mode, users can change file system images. You do this generally on a Windows computer after you connect the HTC One to the Windows computer through a USB connection.

How to enter Fastboot Mode on the HTC One

  1. Start by turning on the HTC One smartphone as you normally would on any other day.
  2. Press the Volume Down and Home keys at the same time.
  3. Continuously press the mentioned keys until the smartphone screen turns black.
  4. Once black, release the Power key and keep holding the Volume Down key.
  5. Wait until you see the Fastboot Mode option on the HTC display.
  6. Let go of the Volume Down key now.
  7. Now you are in the Fastboot Mode. Once inside, use the Volume keys to scroll through the menu and select the options you wish to choose. The Volume keys are the arrow keys if you will.
  8. Once you’ve picked the task of your choice, you can anytime navigate back to the main menu and select “reboot system now.” Doing so takes you back to the normal OS mode and out from Bootloader mode.