Those who are less tech savvy can often feel a moment of dread when they connect their mobile devices to the computer and they aren’t able to do anything because the computer says the USB drivers are not adequately installed yet. Moreover, sadly many then turn away and forget about whatever it is that they were going to do because they know they are destined to spend the better part of the next hour in front of the computer trying to get something to work that they don’t even know what it is.

As of today there is no need to worry so much about getting the right USB Drivers installed on your computer because when you follow this guide you will have them easily installed so that your device can connect to the computer and use things like flashing apps or just transfer data like the pictures, music, and video files.

There’s a guy out there named Koushik Dutta, and he is a famous and very trusted many in the Android development world. Some of his favorite work in the past includes ClockworkMod Recovery which was the first custom recovery to go mainstream. It is no longer being developed today due to the rise of Team Win’s open source TWRP Recovery, but masses are still looking where to find ClcokworkMod Recovery for their devices because it was such a popular custom recovery to install it’s just the default settings people have in their heads when they search for a custom recovery image. Anyhow, that same guy has also created another touch of genius in the Universal Windows ADB Driver that works as the USB Drivers for most Android-based mobile devices.

How To Download Xiaomi Redmi 3X USB Drivers On Windows PC

Open the Universal Windows ADB Driver website and read the part where Koushik has written “you can grab the download here” and it then downloads the file that contains the USB Drivers that work for the Xiaomi Redmi 3X smartphone to the computer you are using.

After clicking the link from the website the file then begins to download just above the taskbar as shown in the screenshot below. Wait for the file to download completely and then click on the file name when it is done.

Doing so results in the beginning of the Universal Windows ADB Driver setup wizard popping up on the display for you to follow. Read the line where it says that you need to unplug any Android device from the computer until after the setup wizard is complete and then click on the Next button.

uadbd-3Choose the folder location where you want the ADB Driver to be stored on the computer. Additionally, choose whether you want the ADB Driver to be shared across all accounts that are associated with the computer you are installing it on or just your account that you are using now. Click on the Next button when you have done that.

Koushik has then developed a screen that makes you click on the Next button just one last time for the confirmation that you do, in fact, want to install the ADB Driver on the computer. Click on the Next button and the installation of the file begins.

uadbd-5After just a few seconds the progress bar will be removed from the display and you are left with this installation complete screen where you need to click on the Close button to complete the setup wizard.

uadbd-6 In conclusion, that is how to download the Xiaomi USB Drivers for the Redmi 3X smartphone by using the Universal Windows ADB Driver from a Windows computer.