We spend enough time learning how to use our new versions of Windows operating systems when they arrive on our computer that most of us don’t have any intention of learning anything else to do with our computers so when we get the error message that our computers don’t have the correct USB drivers installed on the computer for our device, and therefore we can’t do anything, it becomes a huge drag.

The Universal Windows ADB Driver aims to change all of that by collecting all the most favorite USB drivers for different manufacturers and putting them all together in the one file, so Xiaomi owners can use the file and so can Sony, LG, Samsung and a heap more. As long as you are running a version of the Windows operating system that is somewhat relevant, then the Universal ADB Driver should still very easily.

The USB Drivers are required for everything to have the mobile device connected to the computer correctly. Without the right drivers installed nothing is connecting the two devices and acting as the bridge. The USB cable is visually impressive, but it isn’t enough for the Windows operating system to be able to understand what device is connecting.

How To Download Xiaomi Redmi 3S USB Drivers On Windows PC

Open up the Universal Windows ADB Driver website founded by Koushik Dutta—the same guy who created the driver package—and then look for where it says “you can grab the download here.” Click that link and it downloads the file you need to the computer you are using.


You can notice the file being downloaded if you look just above the taskbar at the bottom of your screen when you have the web browser open still. Wait until that file completely downloads and then click on it where it shows the words Universal ADB Driver to begin the setup wizard that guides you through the rest.


You then get to the welcome screen where it lets you know that you need to disconnect any Android device that you might have on the computer already before beginning the installation. Click on the Next button when that is done.


Choose the folder where you would prefer the ADB Driver ends up on the computer. It is the location where the file is stored until you change it later or delete it from the computer. Just leave it as the default option if you don’t have any other preference. The same screen also gives you the opportunity to share it with every account that is created on the computer so they can use it too or just keep it for your account that you are using now. Click on the Next button when that is done.


Confirm the installation by clicking on the Next button and the ADB Drivers begin to install, and it will all be over in just a few seconds.


You know it is done installing when you get to the screen that lets you know that the installation is complete. Here you need to click on the Close button to exit the ADB Driver setup wizard.


In conclusion, that is how to download the Xiaomi USB Drivers that work for the Redmi 3S smartphone on a computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating system.