One problem that people cannot escape when they own a computer that runs on the Windows operating system and a mobile device that runs Android is the fact that the computer needs to have the right USB drivers installed for that device before it can do anything when it is connected to the computer. For those who don’t know much about computers that can be a terrible burden and many people get off their seats and watch TV instead of doing what they had an interest in doing which was something to do with technology and the mobile device. That’s sad to someone like me who would love for people to get the satisfaction they want to get out of technology.

Koushik Dutta has taken much of the hassle away from individuals who don’t enjoy having to find the right USB driver file by packaging together the Universal Windows ADB Driver. Even though the acronym changes from USB to ADB the meaning in this instance is very much the same, Koush has come up with a file that compiles all of the USB drivers from all the main OEMs and manufacturers together in the one package, so all everyone needs to do is install it on the computer and as long as the smartphone you are using is one of the same brands that Koushik has put in the bundle it will work for the USB drivers.

The USB Drivers means that you can now connect the smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and use any of the apps on the computer that you wanted to use with your device. It also means you can transfer any of the data you ought to transfer such as the pictures, music, and video files.

How To Download Xiaomi Redmi 3S Pro USB Drivers On Windows PC

Visit the Universal Windows ADB Driver website and then read the part where it says “you can grab the download here” and when you click on the link, the ADB Driver file begins to download onto the computer.

You can see the download appear directly above the taskbar at the bottom of your display for as long as you have the web browser open. Click on the file once the download completes.

After you click on the file, it then opens up the beginning of the Universal Windows ADB Driver setup wizard. Make sure you read the part where it says you need to unplug any Android devices from the computer before clicking on the Next button and beginning the installation.

Click on the Next button when that is done.

uadbd-3Here you get to choose where you want the Universal Windows ADB Driver file to end up on the computer. Leave it to the default location if you don’t have any preference. You can also choose to share the driver with everyone who has an account on the computer or just yours. Click on the Next button when that is done.

uadbd-4Confirm you do indeed want to install the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the next screen by clicking on the Next button at the bottom and the driver officially begins to install.

uadbd-5Once the progress bar makes its way to the other side of the screen it then changes and shows an Installation Complete message on the screen. Click on the Close button at this point to close down the setup wizard and find your Xiaomi USB Drivers installed for the Redmi 3S Pro smartphone.

In conclusion, that is how to download the Xiaomi USB Drivers on the computer that runs a version of Windows for the Redmi 3S Pro smartphone by using Koushik’s Universal ADB Driver.