Facebook saves your profile when you deactivate your account in case you wanted to reactivate it later on. Many people decide to deactivate their account and soon after want to come back on to Facebook and are happy that Facebook hasn’t deleted their account permanently.

To deactivate your account, you would go to Account Settings > Security Settings and at the bottom click on ‘Deactivate your account’ alternatively just go to https://facebook.com/deactivate.php. You will need to select a reason for disabling and confirm your intention before deactivating your Facebook account.

Your profile should not appear in the searches anymore so if anyone from Facebook were to search for you, they would not find you. Previous messages that you may have sent some time ago may still be visible to other people.

Deactivating your account will not permanently delete it from Facebook as stated in the fine prints, they are not the same. If you prefer, you can delete it forever knowing that you won’t be using it again under the same name with no possibility of recovering your information. You will need to simply go into your account and submit your request here.

If the above doesn’t work another alternative may be to shoot an email to facebook at privacy@facebook.com . It is perhaps a good idea to also send to support@facebook.com and maybe also include the email to info@facebook.com. Usually, after you receive a confirmation email, give it another 14 days. If you are unable to log in then hopefully, your Facebook account has been deleted.

If you choose to delete your account permanently always remember to back up your data such as photos or videos if you need them before deleting your account from Facebook.

It takes a tremendous effort just to delete your account from Facebook. Initially, you look for the delete account link. You confirm your deletion, enter a password and Captcha, yet if you accidentally logged into the account from your PC or phone or even if your browser has stored a cookie to make you log in without your intention then the whole process is done for nothing. Be sure to remove your browsing cache and clear cookies, also remove Facebook related applications from your smartphone.

Not following through the whole process is what Facebook really wants and it’s part of their process to prevent you from deleting your account so they can keep your account active. The more subscribers for them the more money they make, even if you don’t want to currently use your Facebook account they know your friends will one day perhaps share a photo or video or a comment and that will tempt you to go back into Facebook to check it out and perhaps you pass that message to someone else.


Facebook does not promise that they will remove all your account details from their database. Also, you may not be able to retrieve any information that you had if you choose to delete your Facebook account.