Social Networking is now becoming an everyday activity for people. By using such social networking sites, one can connect to his friends and families within a few mouse clicks. These sites allow you to create an online community, where you can interact with your buddies. Apart from the computer, you can use the Social Media site features on your smartphones as well. Android Developers have created some best social networking apps that you can use on your Android device. These 5 Social Networking Apps will help you turn your Android device into a social hub.

Facebook For Android

Facebook, the fastest-growing social networking site is now available in the form of an Android app. Facebook for Android allows you to update your Facebook status directly from your Android device, chat with your friends, share pictures and watch videos, create events or join the events, read your news feed, check your Facebook inbox, share the site links you like the most, etc. It is available free of cost and can be obtained from the Android Market.


Download: Facebook for Android

Google+ For Android

Although Google+ is a newcomer in the social networking fair; it has gotten millions of users within a short period. Google+ for Android lets you use the Google+ social features on your Android device. It works just the same as you use the Google+ web interface. With this app, you can control your Google+ circles, choose the people with whom you want to share things, and read the streams (just like a Facebook news feed) on your device. Huddles make messaging faster on your Android device. Also, you can also upload pictures and videos to your profile, in your album. This makes sharing your real life much faster.


Download: Google+ for Android

Twitter For Android

Official Twitter App for Android allows you to use the Twitter features right from your Android device. It lets you search your interests on Twitter, follow people, see the followers, and sees Twitter profiles. You can Tweet and Retweet using this app. For messaging purposes, you can send and read direct messages. Overall, it contains all the features of Twitter, but in the form of an Android app.


Download: Twitter For Android

Orkut For Android

Orkut is a social networking site created by Google a few years ago. After the launch of Google+, people forget this place. But still, some users feel good to be active on this site, and for those, here comes the Orkut for Android App. With this app, you can use the Orkut features on your Android device. You can read scraps, post scraps, upload pictures and share them with friends.


Download: Orkut for Android

LinkedIn For Android

LinkedIn is a network of professionals around the world. It has millions of users, thousands of registered companies, and their employees. LinkedIn App for Android allows you to interact with the site features from your device. You can read the latest news to keep yourself updated, share the content with your network, etc.


Download: LinkedIn for Android