alltwitter-twitterSocial media giant, Twitter, changed its look for this week, making finding customers, hashtags, and refers easier. All this is being incorporated into the new Twitter update and you’ll be able to read all about the new Twitter search tool after the jump.

Twitter’s “simpler search” allows customers to discover more information quickly. The look for updates also lets customers connect with one another more effectively. Just think about all the times you have inserted the wrong name or were missing a mail and therefore skipped out on conversions.

Even when a keyword is incorrectly spelled or a little bit off, Twitter posts now draws up outcomes for what you may have intended. The punctuation modification function and related recommendations are helping Twitter posts look for much more precise related terms to help searchers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Twitter will be rolling out auto-completion to customers over the next few weeks, Twitter’s product group tweeted. Around the ConsumingTech newsroom, the function does not seem to be operating for all customers just yet. If autocomplete is operating for you, entering in a keyword and key phrase will immediately a list of concerns and appropriate customers. The punctuation improvements function, however, is a go for all customers.

Only yesterday, Twitter posts also modified its iPhone and Operating system applications to consist of auto-complete. Other cellular updates consist of video tweets and extended tweets from the platform’s press associates.

Twitter advanced search — on the web and on cellular — is still missing factors customers would love to see, such as the ability to search within a person’s Twitter record. What search updates would you like to see? Discuss with us in the comments below.

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