Facebook has recently made some changes to its graphical interface. One of the modification is the ticker bar, which appears on the right side of the site. The Ticker bar displays the happenings of your friends, with whom have they become friends, what they have shared, which group they have joined, etc. It seems right that we can see all the information about our friends on Facebook without messing up much on the site, all the information is available in the ticker bar. However, some user prefers not to have such ticker bar. So, for those, here is the solution.

As always, you can use the Firefox add-ons to enable or disable site features, such as Facebook features. By using a Firefox extension, you can disable/remove the Facebook ticker bar which appears on the right side. All you need to have is the Firefox web browser installed and then you have to download the Facebook Ticker Removal Extension using the link given below. After that, you won’t see the Facebook Ticker Bar further.

Disabling the newly introduced Facebook Ticker in Google Chrome isn’t difficult. Same as Firefox, you have to download a Chrome extension which disables the ticker bar. Using the link given below, you can download the Facebook News Ticker Remover extension, which will help you to turn off the ticker on Facebook.

Download: Facebook News Ticker Remover for Google Chrome