There is a trick to create a hidden folder in Windows 7 operating system. By doing so, you can put all your files inside this folder, and the folder will become invisible, thus making your files invisible. But, if the user selects all folders then this hidden folder will also be chosen. However, you can use this for the funny purpose.


Here’s the process to create a hidden folder

First of all, create a new folder on your desktop by Right-Click > New > Folder option.

Then, you have to type the folder name. Press and hold the ALT button and press 0160 using number pad and press Enter.

The folder will be created with no name. Now, you have to change its icon to make it hidden (invisible). Just Right-click on it, go to Properties followed by Customize, then select any blank icon to make the folder invisible.


In conclusion, that is all anyone needs to know how to create a hidden folder when using the Windows 7 operating system by Microsoft. This trick will not make your folder 100% hidden, but any newbie won’t be able to surpass this trick.

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