In Android, if you need help regaining control of your device because of malware, a virus, bugs, lags, or it isn’t behaving normally, you should enter the recovery mode. The recovery mode lets users boot into a separate bootable partition and apply a factory reset or wipe data. That’s how to fix most problems with mobile devices, whether it be smartphone, phablet or tablet. Recovery mode is also useful for applying software updates, wiping the cache and rebooting the system.

A custom recovery gives us more options. All Android operating system starts with a stock recovery, thus if you did not make any changes to the recovery, you will still have a stock recovery. A custom recovery must be installed by you before you can have one. With a custom recovery, you can do all the same things as stock recovery and then some extras. You can upload zip files from the SD card. It’s the zip files that let users get root access with SuperSU. In addition to root access, the zip files you upload can install a new ROM.

LG G Pro 2

It doesn’t matter if you need to boot the LG G pro 2 in a stock recovery or a custom recovery; the method is the same for both. We will show you the key combination, you must press to boot your devices in the recovery mode.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On The LG G Pro 2

  1. Press the Power key and choose to turn off the LG G pro smartphone from the menu.
  2. If you cannot get the screen on your G Pro 2 smartphone to work, long-press the Power key until you know the device is off. Remember, there is a difference between the screen sleeping and the device being off. You can tell if the device is off by the way it wakes up. The boot time is much longer if it was off.
  3. Press the Volume Down key and the Power key together until you get to the LG logo.
  4. Release the Power key and press it again repeatedly whilst still keeping the Volume Down key pressed down.
  5. When done correctly from the LG log, you will get a new menu where you can scroll using the Volume keys to highlight an option.
  6. Confirm the options by pressing the Power key.