Recovery mode is usually what we boot our Android devices in to fix our smartphones, tablets and phablets. Simply put, the recovery mode lets us recover our device by wiping the data and applying a factory reset. The recovery also lets us install official software updates, either over the air or downloading them manually.

With Android, there are two types of recovery. The main version is known as stock recovery and comes with your device. The secondary version is a custom recovery. The custom version is made by third-party developers and does not come with your device. Instead, you must install the custom version yourself. You can do all the same things from a custom recovery and then some. You can upload and install zip files which you cannot do into a stock recovery. It’s those zip files that allow users to get root access and install custom ROMs.

Samsung Galaxy A5

While all that probably sounds confusing if you are just an average Android user, trying to get your device in recovery mode, the great news is that there is no difference in the way you need to get access to them. The following guide works for both locked and rooted Android operating systems.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On The Samsung Galaxy A5

  1. Press the Power key and choose the Power down option from the menu.
  2. Sometimes our devices are completely unresponsive and we cannot do anything from the display which is why we want to get access to the recovery mode. In those cases, long-press the Power button and eventually  the device will turn off. Every Samsung devices will be off after 10 seconds.
  3. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy A5 by holding the Power + Home + Volume Up keys.
  4. Wait until you can see the Samsung logo.
  5. Let go of the three buttons you are holding.
  6. Navigate through the list of options using the Volume Down button.
  7. Choose the options you want to select by using the Power button.
  8. Now you can perform any action from the recovery menu using the Volume and Power key combination.