Recently, I wrote an article on Facebook Messages Service. Facebook New Messages service lets you do many things from a single web page. You can send and receive messages from Facebook users. But, with this new messages service, you will be able to receive messages (emails) from users who don’t have an account on Facebook.

Email Service

This service was in “Invite-only” mode; now it is open to all Facebook Users. Facebook users can grab an email address like Messages received from Facebook users will be stored in the main messages folder, while the messages received from other emails will be retained in “Other” folder.


Other Features

Apart from emailing, this service enables you to make conversations with your friends from a single web page. This web page shows you all conversation with a friend you had. It also shows your past chats history.


How to Get This?

After reading Facebook Messages features, you will be thinking how to get it. For this messages service, you must have an account on Facebook. Then go to this link:


Download: Facebook Messages