By now you have probably heard the talk of many people no longer returning to the office once this pandemic is over. In fact, several big-name companies including Facebook and Twitter have already suggested returning to the office won’t be necessary for many of their employees. This is in part because companies are realizing how productive people can be from home now that they’re forced into trialing working from home, but you shouldn’t forget the significance of software advancements that have helped colleagues remain connected while technically apart too.

One software application that helps people connect has been Google Meet. It rivals the likes of Microsoft Teams. Some people suggest that it is actually Microsoft Teams that needs to catch up to the obvious leader in real-time meeting applications in Google Meet.

As of April 29, Google Meet Premium is now free for everyone to use. That means you get all the features the premium version has to offer in its premium video conferencing app for free. All you need to do is sign up for the premium version first to start receiving all the premium features.

While Google announced the news a little under a week ago now, they have said that it will take several weeks before the free premium versions will be available for everyone because it needs to first roll out to everywhere around the world. You can sign up now though and then Google Meet will notify you when the premium version if available for free for you.

Google Meet should appeal to groups and teams, businesses and organizations, and schools and other high institutions. If you’re a Windows user and familiar with Skype, you’ll have no problem adjusting to Google Meet.

Google is also rolling out software updates to improve Google Meet during this viral time for the app. You can expect to find improvements for the 250 person meeting support, international dial numbers for any meeting, real-time captions, and the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements to your version of the Google Meet app anytime over the coming weeks as well.

Google has not mentioned how long the free version of Google Meet will be on offer. We assume Google has announced their generous offer to help people during the coronavirus outbreak and that it won’t be free forever, so you may wish to sign up sooner rather than later if you intend to capitalize on the opportunity.

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