Qualcomm Quick Charge 3+ is now out, and it brings with it faster and more efficient charging. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3+ is available for 1000+ accessories and devices around the world.

If you have experience with power bricks or charging your smartphone from a laptop, you  may have noticed that charging can occur at different speeds. This is because of features such as Qualcomm Quick Charge which is available for some devices that have Qualcomm system chips inside.

qualcomm quick charge 3+

Understanding these quick charging features can be difficult. If you want to skip all the knowledge that is required in this area, you want to look for a laptop that has thunderbolt 3 support, which is likely to fast charge your device regardless of what it is. But if you have a Qualcomm device then Quick Charge is something that might be relevant to you.

To be able to understand what devices will be compatible with this new Qualcomm Quick Charge 3+, you want a device that comes with either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 or Snapdragon 765G processor, or other new Snapdragon CPUs that are due to arrive later in 2020. Not all devices will be compatible necessarily, but the better the device the greater the chance of it being a default feature. You can check the Qualcomm website for a specific device list.

Quick Charge 3+ focuses on bringing advanced fast charging at a lower price point:

  • Fast Charging and better efficiency: 0%-50% in 15 minutes, 35% faster and 9 degrees Celsius cooler comparing to previous generations*
  • Quick Charge 3+ will support industry standard USB type A-to-type C cables and accessories that support scalable voltage with 20mV steps from Quick Charge 4, which are more affordable for OEMs and consumers
  • Quick Charge 3+ is backward compatible with previous-generation Quick Charge devices and newer devices can work with Quick Charge 3+ accessories thereby always providing the most flexible charging experiences
  • Other key features: Integrated cable power capability/identification, various safety mechanisms

Quick Charge 3+ supports new PMICs such as SMB1395/SMB1396, meaning:

  • Scalable architecture to allow OEMs to a move to higher charge power with the same software implementation and address different system requirement in terms of PCB design, charger IC location, etc.
  • Support of ultra-fast charging with lower-cost, variable voltage charging accessories such as Quick Charge 3+
  • Eliminating the need for external components such as OVP (Over Voltage Protection) chip, sense resistor and others
  • Support of two input, wireless and wired (SMB1396)

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