Whenever we jump up completely to a new name included in an Android operating system you can bet it will be worth noticing and taking a good hard long look at. Don’t be fooled into thinking that we only jumped up one number here so it’s not that big of a deal because that’s not how it has worked at all. The numbers just so happened to meet up nicely, plus a host of other reasons. But as I mentioned before, a new name means lots of new things.

This is a brand new firmware for the Note 3 owners that live in Poland to download called N9005XXUENA6. It’s a bit trickier than usual to install though, because it only comes with the one option of using Samsung KIES. What that means is that over the air and downloading manually is not made available for users to try this time around.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 render

One of the most common changes as we see a new firmware get rolled out is the dialer. This makes sense because obviously the dialer is the primary part of a phone. We’ve seen huge profile pictures come up on-screen to basically not at all and then reverted back to showing some but a much smaller ideal size. This will likely continue to change as we go into the future, but for now we are in a good place. In Android 4.4 it has changed yet again, and we like what we see here in KitKat. One of the best things is the new search app inside of the contacts. This gives users the chance to search for local business numbers and not just numbers that are already in their contacts list. This could be done before by visiting the Google browser, but it was never built-in as efficient as this.

Even thought it’s issued for Poland now doesn’t mean users from all over the globe aren’t able to use this in the coming weeks. It generally just takes some time before it is cleared and then it’s fine for everybody if you wish to use it. Remember that it tends to stay in the native language that it was originally issued for though, which is always the biggest concern.

To get it, simply sign up to a SamMobile account and hook it up here.