Whether you love it or hate it, nothing is going to change that Android always has different firmware versions being released at different times for all different devices. Even though Kit Kat was officially released several months back, the fact of the matter is that they haven’t managed to have it put on many devices yet at all. A big part of that comes down to the carriers involved also, and not just the error of Google’s ways. But that is the way it always has been, and it doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

Many versions of the Galaxy S4 international phones are now beginning to see the 4.4.2 KitKat roll out, and it should have many owners checking the settings for any device updates that may have come through. That’s two increments higher than the original 4.4 KitKat.


Samsung Galaxy S4

We are starting to see the smaller phone carriers make some ground and bring things out quicker, but still this time around, it’s AT&T who has managed to beat the rest and lead the pack here back in the United States with the roll out of the I337UCUFMLD firmware.

Even though you may have already seen this particular number version running on another device, that doesn’t mean that it will have the same features because they can change a bit depending on what the handset is. On the Galaxy S4 you will now have the camera on the lock screen. This is very similar to what Apple has done with iOS 7. Google Hangouts has now has been fully integrated so that it’s the main SMS message application, and it will be there on the home screen once the phone’s passcode is unlocked. They have left this open to change, though, if some people don’t want it that way. To alter what the default application will be to open messages on your S4 handset, all you have to do is open up the Samsung messages app that is normally around the center of the second page, if you scroll across the screen with a swipe gesture.

You will experience a smoother swipe gesture when you touch the screen and fiddle around with the apps. There is also an improved keyboard found inside. That’s about the gist of this particular I337UCUFMLD update.

To install the Android 4.2.2 1337UCUFMLD follow the same procedure using ODIN like you would normally do for any other manual installation. If you don’t know what you are doing with this type of installation, then it’s highly recommended that you sought after a guide, or just wait for it to arrive over the air.

We have also received word that the same leak from online for the Galaxy Note 3 has arrived at the same time. That one is known as the N900AUCECMLG firmware update and it will bring about a very similar version of Android 4.4.2 only for the Note device instead. As I mentioned earlier, there is a chance that they too will vary slightly because they are completely different handsets, and we see this happen a lot. Right now there is no exact or extra information available. Heaps of people will begin installing these manually though, so stick around and check back in for updates.