With Android L carrying much of the spotlight since Apple unveiled their iOS 8 software, we are now heading towards the day Android devices will see it officially released for many. However, a lot of companies such as Sony and Samsung are still frantically delivering the later stages of KitKat to handsets that are in need of bug fixes and general amendments.

A pristine Android 4.4.4 KitKat update is hitting the PC companion for owners of the Sony Xperia ZR and tablet Z devices now. As we mentioned it goes straight to the companion and will not reach people OTA thanks to a notification coming in. That means you will need to log onto your computer to get hold of this one.

Tablet Z

We know that the C5503 and C5502 models of the ZR smartphone are receiving this software. Furthermore, we know that inside owners will find better battery performance, enhanced email with better stability, improved WiFi connections, MMS messages, calendar app, phone contacts and more.

Those familiar with the flashing software releases manually can download the file for the ZR mobile Taiwan region here. Alternatively, hit the link here for the tablet Z Vodafone UK version. More copies will come out shortly. We know that the final stage of the chocolate build is coming to many more countries around Europe including France and Germany. In addition, Malaysia will see it too.

If you want to keep an eye on future releases coming in as a notification you can always head towards ‘menu  > settings > about phone > system updates’ and look from there.

Have you installed this latest firmware yet? Let us know in the comments what you think and if it came with a solution to the problem you were facing with your handset. It should run noticeably smoother and faster as we expect with all new releases. We are predicting that the other Xperia Z2 mobiles get the same treatment in the near future but nothing is certain.