The AT&T variant of the LG G Flex is receiving a fresh Android 4.4.2 KitKat update namely the D95020f build that is a small update designed to being several tweaks and improvements so that it outshines the last release. All the talk is centered around Android L as we gear closer to the eventual release date this Fall for the newer giant jump up that will bring many new features. For now though it’s all about minor tweaks and adjustments to fix existing flaws, holes and bugs as well as bring in some change.

More specifically, we know that the D95020f build comes with the LG G Music Player update, Android Security enhancements, LG G Watch compatibility so notifications work, APN file updates and some slight adjustments elsewhere around the OS. These features come over the existing standouts including wireless printing, new color Emoji, revised landscape keyboard, full-screen album art from the lock screen, all white status and navigation bars and lots more.

G Flex

Being a US-based phone carrier, we know that only the people residing in the United States will start to see this arrive as a notification alerting them to update. Remember to start the process when at home around a stable WiFi connection so that it doesn’t install from the mobile data plan. It will result in a higher success rate and therefore no factory reset is needed. factory resets often result in data loss and if you did not backup your phone contacts, settings, picture galleries, music files and so on, they will be lost forever.

Furthermore, all people will collect the notification at different times since no two people get the software at the same time. It can take more than a few days to reach everyone. If you are away from the home and using the mobile data, you can navigate to the Settings > General > About Phone > Update centers > System Updates > Check Now and it will start downloading. Alternatively, if you want to check what software version your phone is running at the time, navigate to Settings > General > About Phone > Software Information.