We’ve seen lots of leaks for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, dummies and concepts of the iPhone 6 become public, but none of them were authentic until now. Several sources have confirmed they believe this is the real thing and when you combine that with knowing what all the other leaks looked like, there’s a genuine chance we have a bona fide and valid flagship from the Apple company that is set to launch in three days time.

The overall design is a great deal like some of the ideas we have witnessed to date which leads us to think Apple were the people behind them. In recent years we know companies can do this to gauge the response and feedback that they get instead of doing what they want internally and leaving a crowd stunned at the monstrosity they are seeing. That is proving too much of a risk for a company such as Apple to take. That’s why when we see leaks we know there’s likely more than an element of truth to them.


Chinese blog cnBeta are responsible for the video and pictures we have here. You should immediately notice the silver color that is different from the space gray we normally see in other knock-offs. That means that the deeper gray we were not sure about unquestionably is the space variant. The pictures here have it next to the iPhone 5S and just like the leak we showed you here, the volume buttons are different. Moreover, the edges are curved and it is slimmer. All of these facets we already told you about over the past few weeks.

With that said we are confident the specs we know about will also prove true once unveiled in just 72 hours time. Design wise, we know the dimensions include 5.43 x 2.64 x 0.28 inches, it is water resistant and running iOS 8. In addition, the physical display is 4.7 inches, the screen resolution is 960 x 1704 pixels, the pixel density is 416 ppi and it is a touch screen with the customary light sensor, proximity sensor, scratch resistant glass and Oleophobic coating.

We’ve been through the camera, hardware, multimedia and connection specs many times so we won’t go over them again. However, we will say that the new Apple A8 system chip is special. It will bring extra speed and also better battery life over the previous iPhone 5S model. Battery is one aspect people refuse to comprise. So much that they would rather not have a high pixel density just so they can reserve more battery power according to the forum chat I found with the new Xperia Z3. The fruit company out of Cupertino are not going overboard with the resolution of this new smartphone and that will leave customers happy. Couple that with the extra power coming naturally from a strong SoC and they might have hit the nail on the head.


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