What are the primary features of an excellent game? Good managing, excellent game play, great quality graphics and functionality. All of these things are what it takes to compete in todays competitive gaming market. All this shouldn’t be a problem with this latest game, Flick Kick Football.This game or app by PikPok boasts all of these qualities you need plus even more. Check out the full write-up on Flick Kick Football after the jump.

Flick Kick Football is a PikPok game that was made specifically  for Apples iPhone, and iPad, and was  launched in 2010 but recently updated in July 2012. The purpose is a little different from your average Soccer game. Which it is worth noting, is becoming a popular trend among game makers these days. Instead of going to additional gameplay they are tending to try to create brand new ideas. Anyway, that story is for another day. Back to the purpose; you capture free sneakers, and you should ranking as many objectives as possible, through various activity ways, such as the likes of Exercise, Skillshot, Video arcade, Time Assault and Bullseye.


The first function in Flick Kick Football is Exercise. In this training function, you can choose where you capture, and the variety of defenders who irritate you. Also, as might be predicted, there is no time, no life. So you have time to ideal your injections. Skillshot is the second function of perform in it, you are timed and you must ranking as many objectives as possible. You begin with an occasion of 60 a few moments and a regular purpose contributes a second while a purpose in three reviews skillzone. Only objectives in skillzone consideration for the ultimate ranking.But … What is the skillzone? This is the within advantage of the content. We must therefore try to focus on this area as well as possible to prolong time and increase the ranking. Once enough time passed, the display shows information on the experience played: the variety of key strokes made and the variety of objectives obtained, complete time, and lastly, your last ranking.

To capture the football in Flick Kick Football, it couldn’t be simpler, All you have to do is move your hand over the  iPhone or iPad touchscreen across the display, from side to side. For those of you who want it, there is also an option available add rotation on the soccer ball, in order to do more advanced kicking that may be necessary as you move onto more advanced areas of the game.

The game is an activity game more than a full 90 minute soccer match per say. At the starting of each activity, there is not even a purpose, then the problems improves, and then comes a protector of the gamers who will try to prevent your direction. If you possess the ability to concur three objectives in a row, your soccer ball will kindle and may thus complete through one (and only) defensive player or the goalkeeper, which is useful when you do not really know where to capture to ranking the purpose.

In Video arcade function for Flick Kick Football, you must ranking as many objectives as possible, and each purpose is registered (whether used skill zone or not). You are not timed, but you have a restricted inventory of life. You begin with no life but you will obtain one for each purpose obtained in the skill zone. You can get up to three life as you play the game. If ever you do more, and you skip your task that is required in order to pass the stage, the gaming experience is over right then and there.

The last function of Flick Kick Football is Time Assault. The Time assault is fairly hectic and will challenge more than the other features the game has. In Time assault, you must rank as best you can in as many objectives as you can in the allocated time, which is the primary, two objectives in order to become a Kick Flick Football master. An easy purpose makes you an additional second, while a taken in the skillzone delivers you three. As opposed to other ways, once you have hit a defensive player, it will stay on the earth. If you do not know how to ranking at all, try to affect a defensive player to boost your possibilities of moving the next taken. As always, a conclusion display seems to be when the experience stops. Finally, through these different activity ways which provide some versions on the concept, Film Conquer Baseball completely satisfies his contract: namely, we cope with its game perform easy and appealing.

As in Skillshot function, a display provides you with a consideration of your efficiency. The next function is the function Bullseye. Here, you are timed and objectives appear in the crates. These generate you factors and longer whenever you eliminate. As the focus on is small, the more you generate factors and each focus on demolished reviews a second. Also, if you contact the middle of a focus on, regardless of dimension, you will generate more factors and three more a few moments. Once the minuter operates out, another conclusion display will be shown: the variety of objectives hit, the focus on variety of facilities impacted, the variety of injections shot, precision (number of injections shot / variety of injections misses), enjoying time, and lastly the ultimate ranking.

If you are interested in downloading Flick Kick Football you can do so from this direct iTunes link. Remember Flick Kick Football is only available for Apples iPhone and iPad.


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