The team over at Allianz have just released a new app called Drive Master. Drive master is an app that you can access from Facebook and it lets drivers go head to head with Nico Rosberg to test their skills and see if they truly can compete with the best of the best drivers of today.

The Drive Master app by Allianz has been critically acclaimed by the Mercedes Benz team as well as the drivers themselves.


The Drive Master app is made with the idea in mind to simulate not only the skill but the driver distractions that place in an ongoing race. Anyone that has had a fair bit of time behind the wheel in a formula 1 game will realize one of the most difficult challenges of all is staying alert the entire time and not producing any mistakes when travelling at such high speeds where turning and braking issues have split second reaction times in order to drive the best way possible. Combine this with talking over the radio and making steering wheel adjustments all whilst a driver is gaining on you from behind and it can soon become quite a nerve racking experience and this is the true test in Formaul 1 driving. The app is a cool twist to Formula 1 driving that we haven’t seen seen produced by any gaming or app manufacture so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

I have to mention that distraction that you will experience aren’t just what you would expect. They have implemented social media distraction such as Facebook texts, messages and phone calls all from Nico Rosberg to try and distract you.

If your interested in checking out the Drive Master app you can do so by clicking this direct link here that will take you to the facebook app. You can also check out what they Mercedes AMG Petronas team had to say about it in their official Facebook post they displayed earlier today.

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