A new Cydia tweak was launched into Cydia earlier this year that I am very pleased to share with y’all.This sweet Cydia Tweak is known as CleverPin  and was developed to create LockScreen performance on your i Device much more intelligent. How many periods did you turn off passcode, because it’s just not really necessary at certain times in ones life.For example, if you’re at home all day long chances are you’re not going to want it on at all are you? Or I do not need it while I’m rocking out with one of my music apps or listening to music from my iTunes playlist. I think it’s safe to say that this is a a common attitude to have amongst individuals and because of it, CleverPin was developed.


CleverPin allows you to create an option for your i Device, whether it be iPhone, iPad or iPod touch; ask for a passcode intelligently: you can select to instantly turn off it while you are linked with your house system (more than one system supported), hearing songs or asking for power supply. You will never need to spend any more wasted time or energy again to turn off the pass code. The reason for this is because you’re i Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) will ask you for it only when it’s actually required. You can also select to instantly re-activate the passcode after a certain duration of a sedentary lifestyle. Which os greatly appreciated, and I’m sure will be for many others also.

If you want the CleverPin tweak you can download directly through the Cydia store for FREE! Every now and then you come across one of the beauties that just so happens to come at no cost what-so-ever. Jump in quick because there’s no guarantee it will be a free download for ever!

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