Whilst it is true that Windows Phone is growing, it can somewhat be misleading because we also forget just how many others like Android are growing at the same time. It may have taken a bit of the market back in Windows favor, but all-in-all they are still a long ways behind. Things are continuing to improve for the Redmond based company, but they are going to have to keep working hard. It seems they realize that themselves with the release of 4 new Bing Applications for Windows Phone which Microsoft released today.

Applications are a big reason Windows Phone still struggles to gain any young fans. If they can’t produce the goods with apps, then there really is no reason for youngsters to swap platforms. Hopefully this is the beginning of Windows finally doing something about that.

WP app

As for the mobiles themselves, they have improved a lot in recent years and they are great devices.

Currently the Windows Phone market place is roughly 1/10th of that of its rivals, including iPhone and Android.

What are the new Bing apps?

They should appeal to almost everyone. There is Bing sports, finance, weather and one of Bing news. You can check them out from the Windows Phone Store.

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