Something I really wish I had gotten my hands on by now is Google TV. There’s loads of reason why, mainly because I’m lazy and love TV so Google TV is perfect. With my Google TV infatuation naturally came me following Google on social media and that’s where today’s article takes us. After flicking through my time line I see a Google post today about a thing called UinterviewTV. UinterviewTV is (as far as I know) an app available through the Google TV that allows you to catch up on all the interviews that your local stations may have skipped on your TV broadcasts.

After reading this I thought to myself what a brilliant idea, so I Google UinterviewTV but I cant find anything at all, just a Uinterview website. I then proceeded back to Google + page for Google and grabbed this official statement. I’ve just changed wording so that it’s not copied content.


UinterviewTV lets users record and submit video footage involving questions to their favorite celebs and athletes. Then they go on to say that they will be sharing as many as 60 interviews with the worlds best gold medal prospects.

The way it’s worded I think this may be a full-time thing that lets this happen depending on the event. Or I could be wrong, it might just be for the Olympics. We’ll have to wait and see. For now it seems to be a project that hasn’t yet boomed, but by viewing the website I can see that the website is not new to say the least and has developed some good web authority so to speak. With that knowledge I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing in regards to the success of UinterviewTV, but I at least thought it was a good idea!

Update: UinterviewTv is not an app but a so-called, “spotlight” section featured inside Google TV

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