I usually have to right-click on the browser tab and then click Mute or Unmute to turn the sound on or off for a website, but I would like an even quicker method. Resolution:

You have been able to right-click on the Google Chrome tab to mute a tab for a while, but Google is now offering the chance to mute a tab by simply clicking on the audio icon that is on the tab instead.

The idea behind the new audio muting of tabs experiment is to try to offer a simpler way of muting a tab while still not having any caveats. If over time people find themselves accidentally unmuting a tab with an accidental click, then that could deter Chrome developers from introducing this as a feature in future builds.

Do note that the features available from the flags page are often test features and will not necessarily still be available in future versions of the web browser.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to enable and disable the tab audio muting in a version of the Google Chrome web browser.

How to Mute and Unmute Tabs Quickest in Google Chrome

Update: This Chrome flag setting is no longer available.

1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.

2. Type the following code into Google Chrome’s address bar, so you end up with the correct flag open on your computer’s display:


3. From the drop-down menu on the right side of the Tab audio muting UI control flag, select either Disabled or Enabled.

4. Click on the RELAUNCH NOW button at the bottom of the flags page window to save the changes and continue using your browser with the new update available.

5. You can now continue using the Google Chrome web browser if you like.

That’s all.

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