The Dual SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been released today, reports have confirmed. This comes on an entirely different version compared to the standard one that was released a couple of weeks ago in September. As of right now the Dual Sim is only available in China, but it will be released world-wide very soon.

Moreover, this device will be unlocked for everybody; meaning it won’t have any restricting about it what-so-ever, no matter which carrier you want it unlocked for and no matter which part of the world you are from. That in itself is a big reason why you might want to get to know the Note 3 sooner rather than later. It is also very rare for any device — including tablets, mobiles and phablets — to come completely unlocked such as this in today’s day and age where the most strictest of settings seems to be applied more often than not.

Last week president Obama had signed a petition stating that he would like all American devices to be unlocked like this. There is no word on whether this move by Google is at all related to that. As it stands today, there has been no law put in place to make this happen and manufactures can lock them still as much as they want.

The Galaxy Note 3 has really impressive specs, matching the best of the best in terms of chipsets for any mobile or phablet with the 8000 snapdragon.

There has been no price tag put on the phablet just yet, however, sources are saying that it could be around $50 more than the original device that came out the other week in early September.