Some of you might remember the name Xiaomi as the company that took one of Google’s highest members only a few months ago, Huga Barra. At the time all the talk was about what Google did wrong as a pose to what a company like Xiaomi was doing right. Some of the wiser, knew better than that, though.

Xiaomi is a popular name in China, so popular in fact, that the brand name has been recently accompanied with the honor of being named the fifth largest smart phone manufacturer in China. Granted, China that has lesser quality devices taken the reins when compared to the west side of the world, but any achievement this big inside of their own market area is worth noting.

Xiaomi are also the owners of the MIUI aftermarket place for firmware. It was taking hold of this tech space that then lead them directly into the mobile manufacturing industry. They are also known as having connections to Android.

Things aren’t looking like slowing down for the Chinese giants either. As is stands today, there are only the biggest names in front of them, such as Apple, Nokia and Huawai, but if they keep going the way they are going, they could soon be ahead of some of those names too.

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